SHH… It’s a Secret!

Okay guys, I guess this isn’t really a secret anymore since I’m fixing to tell all of y’all!

I’m writing, rewriting, and perfecting a business plan for a boutique!

I’ve been trying to get everything going, but life happens. I’m going to be rewriting my current business pan into a better plan because frankly my first attempt was junk. I have no idea how to open a business!!!!!! I have to get some help behind this plan! I’ve contacted several people that have done absolutely NOTHING for me, so I’ll be dropping them as resources. I’ve got no time for people who say, “I’ll get right back with you!” then never do. I am trying to become a successful business woman at the age of 22 and you are slowing me down.

I’ve got several ideas for the place and what we will carry in stores, as well as ONLINE! Who doesn’t love online shopping??? Ummm, everyone does, if you say you don’t, then you’re lying.

I’ve been keeping this all in because people don’t think I’ll actually do it, I’v got two words for them, WATCH ME!

I’m not going to reveal any name ideas or anything because nothing is copyrighted and I’ll die if I see the name elsewhere.

I’ve got faith in God that He will get me through all of this and I know I can do it. As long as I don’t let this business overtake my faith, then I will be happy happy happy!!!

I know that I’m capable and there’s nothing going to stop me now!

I plan on getting a tattoo of something like this when I open up the boutique!


What are your crazy aspirations that you haven’t taken on yet?!


One thought on “SHH… It’s a Secret!

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